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PartipAction : training about decision making, democracy and conflict resolution

Mladinske delavce, svetovalne delavce, učitelje in vse ostale, ki delate z mladimi vabimo na mednarodno usposabljanje na temo sprejemanja odločitev in reševanja konfliktov. V teden dni trajajočem treningu boste spoznali metodologijo betzavta in "open space" ter druge metode, ki jih lahko uporabite pri svojem delu.
Izobraževanje bo potekalo od 28. novembra do 4. decembra 2016 na jugu Francije. Za udeležence iz Slovenije so na voljo še 2 prosti mesti.
Prijave s kratkim motivacijskim pismom sprejemamo do zapolnitve prostih mest na

Več informacij o projektu je spodaj na voljo v angleškem jeziku.


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When ? from 28th November to 4th December 2016

Where ? Narbonne, South of France

Who ? 5 participants per country + 1 leader/representative of the organisation who is able to translate from his/her mother tongue to English and the other way around because the training will be held in English (since we have 4 languages) but if the participants need help by expressing themselves we need leaders to translate.

How much ? 250€ for the French and German participants 150€ for the Croatian and Slovenian participants

What ? 
This project is called "PartipAction : training about decision making processes, democracy and conflict resolution" and it will take place from 28th November to 4th December 2016 in Narbonne, in France. It aims at gathering 20 youth and social workers from France, Germany, Croatia and Slovenia wo will have been selected by the 4 partner organisations of this project: Roudel in France who is applying for the project, Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V. in Germany, Sonnenberg Hrvatska in Croatia and Zavod NEFIKS in Slovenia. Those two border couples do not have easy common histories and are facing problems again depending on people living together and currently even a certain rejection of Europe, cultural mix and a lack of intercultural dialogue (extreme right parties are gaining more and more power at local and national levels in the 4 countries). Therefore, social and youth workers often find themselves deprived of methods and propositions to face this lack of inclusion of one hand and democratic, citizen and intercultural dialogue on the other hand.

This seminar aims at giving those multipliers new tools by collectively testing some in the field of democracy education especially ones coming from the Betzavta pedagogy. Those experimentations will be linked to different assessments about the topic of living together and citizen participation in the 4 countries and can be reused at a local as well as a European one during youth exchanges or trainings. Moreover, thanks to teamwork in international teams and exchanges about each others' realities during the seminar, the participants will be able to work on future projects that they could implement between the organisations they represent or volunteer .

All those subjects will be tackled with active pedagogy methods (Betzavta pedagogy, Open-Space etc.) and all the actors (partners and participants) will be implicated in the implementation before, during and after the project. Indeed a good preparation, an active participation and a total engagement of the participants will be needed to guarantee the projects’ success. This seminar will enable the participants to being conscious about the theme and what it implies in other countries. It will also empower the actors thanks to all the discussions and discovered methods, which will enable the organisations to work further on the theme and find new solutions, which will increase the recognition of their action at different levels. Finally this gathering will enable the implementation of future quality projects about the theme.

Reimbursement of travel costs : 275€ both ways for the Slovenian, Croatian and German participants, 180€ for the French participants


Prijave s kratkim motivacijskim pismom sprejemamo do zapolnitve prostih mest na

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