Sreda, 22 Maj 2019

Govo what?

In these lines I will try to explain how was it for me to explore a litle bit the Slovenian language.
Before I arrived to Slovenia I remember that I was creating my list of expectations about what kind of skills I wanted to improve in my EVS . About foreign languages it's was clear to me that I wanted to improve my English and of course I wanted to have a basic level of Slovenian language and to be able to communicate with people in this Slavic language. The days before coming to Ljubljana I was studying some words like the numbers, and some greetings. And from the first week I had my beautiful blue book called A,B,C, 1,2,3, GREMO and an enthusiastic teacher called Maja.Govo what 4The first session with Maja was very interesting because I learnt the frame of this language and also the pronunciation of letters that I haven't known before like š, ž, č or how should I pronounce c like 'ts' or h like 'j' and j like 'i'.
Then I felt really exhausted when I discovered that one word like my name 'Eduardo' could change and be Eduarda and  Eduardu too. On the other hand there was a dual form with different endings to make the learning process easier :).
And I started to feel that I was not able to learn this language … but Maja was encouraging me every day applauding every single word that I pronounced well.
Today , 7 months after I arrived to Slovenia, I know that those expectations that I had were quite unreal. I don't know what I was thinking imagining that after 10 months I would be able to be as a native speaker of English and to be able to communicate in Slovene…
I still have 2 months and a half until I finish my EVS and maybe I will not be able to speak Slovene but I already have the tools to use it and I already know that if someone sneezes I have to say 'na zdravje' , if someone says 'Hvala' I have to say 'prosim' and if I go to Metelkova to hang out I can say 'eno točeno pivo prosim'.
Govo what 2Hvala lepa, Maja! 

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