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Sobota, 26 September 2020

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Participating at the event IGRAJ SE Z MANO

More than a festival, a whole concept of fun and integration.

Last Friday and Saturday, Kongresni Trg was full of activities and workshops during the morning. While watching some performances in the stage, you could go from board games, to climbing, creative activities, cars or sports. Some pancakes to recover energy and keep on playing.  That is the main purpose of the festival, everyone has the chance to play and enjoy not matter his abilities or skills. This is not all, after a break in the afternoon; you can also listen to the concerts that takes place during the evening in the same scenario. WhatsApp_Image_2019-06-03_at_12.27.21_1.jpg Not only kids had fun in “play with me” last weekend. As a volunteer of the festival, I had a great experience. Not only with the stuff I did there, but also because of the amazing environment created. I could see how much kids enjoyed, and how much energy and positive attitude put all the people in the organization. The festival was supposed to last four days, but because of the weather conditions, it was cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday. It is a pity because there were so many things going on, that I did not even had the chance to see everything. It was an exhausting weekend but it really worth it.