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Sreda, 5 Avgust 2020

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Študentski tek na grad

A short, fast, but really uphill race.

We had heard a lot about the huge amount of events that takes place in Slovenia during the spring and summer. I imagined most of them being concerts and performances, but sports also have their place in busy Ljubljana.

This race, that takes place every year, is meant for students but is open for everyone. It is not only something competitive, but the main purpose is having fun, and enjoy the great environment of the race. Many people running, many people watching it, and some exhausted legs in the way up to the hill of the castle. Starting in the three bridges and finishing in the entrance of the castle, the race has two parts: the flat one, that goes through the city centre and Štreliska ulica, where everyone run fast and cheerful; and the second one, going uphill until the end, where you could see more red faces, little breaks to catch air, and people thinking why they decided to run.

We were willing to participate in the race since we heard about it, and finally we did it. It was really fun, so we strongly recommend the študenstki tek na grad, you don’t need to be a supersport person, just sport shoes and positive attitude. And by the way, is not only a race but a solidarity event, so if you are planning to go, just bring with you some food for the ones who need it more!