Petek, 23 Junij 2017

The mission of the Institute Nefiks is to help people in youth organizations in recording, presentating and promoting non-formal knowledge and competences. As well as helping youth in career development and job seeking or employment. Our vision is that informal acquired knowledge in youth employment becomes equivalent to formal, which is possible with index Nefiksom (booklet or e-version) - leading tool for recording informal knowledge.


Recording non-formal education with Nefiks

e nefiksWith Nefiks – index booklet and its e-version, which is available on, we help young people to record all competences they gained through all forms of non-formal learning, education as well as employment.

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Index Nefiks

Nefiks is a project that has been promoting the values of volunteering and non-formal education in Slovenia for over 10 years. It has been doing so by motivating young people to educate in different fields and persuading employers to consider non-formal education as a reference when getting a job.

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