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Sobota, 16 Januar 2021

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Vabimo vas k sodelovanju v projektu "Kolegice" v Litiji

Vse prve iskalke zaposlitve, študentke in druge mlade posameznice iz Litije vabimo, da se do 1.1. 2015 (oz. do zapolnitve mest) prijavite za sodelovanje v projektu »Kolegice«

15 posameznicam v Litiji in okolici, ki jih bomo izbrali na podlagi prijave, v kateri boste izrazile motivacijo za sodelovanje, bomo omogočili sodelovanje v enoletnem projektu.
Prijave sprejemamo TUKAJ

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It is a record book and an on - line portfolio recording knowledge, experience and skills of young people acquired through 6 different fields:

• active citizenship and responsible work on projects

• work (summer work, student employment, other types of short term employment)

•organised forms of education

•camps and voluntary work

• exchanges/visits of foreign countries

•other ways of acquiring knowledge, skills and experiences

Most important characteristic in all fill in forms:

• WHAT (type of activity)

• WHEN, WHERE (& duration)

• CONTACT PERSON (employer, organizer, etc.) with his/her contact details

• DESCRIPTION of the activity  (of the gained experience, knowledge, skills)

• LIST OF COMPETENCES according to 8 key competences

• EVALUATION of persons activity of mentor/leader/trainer/employer


• SIGNATURE AND MARK or IP of computer (of the person responsible for the activity)

Output of e - Nefiks

 • Europass CV

 • List of competences (according to 8 key competences)

 • Portfolios (social capital, career building)

 • e - Nefiks filled in forms

 • Employer recommendations

 • Attachments (other certificates  – e.g. Youthpass)