Četrtek, 23 Marec 2017


Nefiks is a project that has been promoting the values of volunteering and non-formal education in Slovenia for over 10 years. It has been doing so by motivating young people to educate in different fields and persuading employers to consider non-formal education as a reference when getting a job.

Nefiks expands the possibility of young peoples' employment and social inclusion, especially for those "left behind", with its supplement activities such as workshops, stakeholder meetings, system of peer advising and public promotion.

In its years of existence, Nefiks significantly raised the meaning of recognition of non-formally acquired skills, and that's why many institutions strongly support it. Nefiks comes in two shapes, electronic portfolio and a booklet.


It is a record book and an on - line portfolio, recording knowledge, experience and skills of young people acquired through 6 different fields:

• active citizenship and responsible work on projects

• work (summer work, student employment, other types of short term employment)

•organised forms of education

•camps and voluntary work

• exchanges/visits of foreign countries

•other ways of acquiring knowledge, skills and experiences

Most important characteristic in all fill in forms:

• WHAT (type of activity)

• WHEN, WHERE (& duration)

• CONTACT PERSON (employer, organizer, etc.) with his/her contact details

• DESCRIPTION of the activity  (of the gained experience, knowledge, skills)

• LIST OF COMPETENCES according to 8 key competences

• EVALUATION of persons activity of mentor/leader/trainer/employer


• SIGNATURE AND MARK or IP of computer (of the person responsible for the activity)

Output of e - Nefiks

 • Europass CV

 • List of competences (according to 8 key competences)

 • Portfolios (social capital, career building)

 • e - Nefiks filled in forms

 • Employer recommendations

 • Attachments (other certificates  – e.g. Youthpass)

Activities are supported by web portal is a portal that gives young adults and youth a higher chance of being employed. We are not an employment agency; we give young people skills and knowledge of employment literacy. Those skills are of vital importance, if they want to become employable. One of key things to achieve this is to put down every reference, every non-formal education you get; you can do this with the help of project Nefiks.

We want to give young people the knowledge they can’t get at faculties. Or else, we can at least point them in the right direction to gain that knowledge. Thus is a juncture of those who care about their own employability and those who wish to present themselves to the employers with more than just a certificate of education and a diploma.


Nefiks tutors - first job motivators

Most of secondary grammar schools don't offer career consultancy and even if they do, it is not based on information from work market and real facts. As a result, most students from these schools don't have a clear vision of their career, which leads to irrational choices for further education and ergo to unemployment after graduating.











In 2009, we started with a project named Nefiks tutors. With this project we give all young people support with their career planning by motivating them to think about their future at an early age. Moreover, with personal support and mentoring we fight against social exclusion. We do so by bringing special attention to young people from disadvantaged areas in Slovenia.

Nefiks tutors are trained volunteers who work directly with peers by informing, advising and supporting them on the development of their chance of employment. They also share their own experiences and give advices to young people, in order to show them the way to their first employment and how to become more employable.












By doing that, the project encourages young people to become more proactive when planning their career and also supports their personal development.


Recording non-formal education with Nefiks

With Nefiks – booklet and its e-version, which is available on, we help young people to record all competences they gained through all forms of non-formal learning, education as well as employment.



each individual has an opportunity to meet and connect with a successful woman that is already employed in participant’s desired position. She becomes her mentor – her colleague. The two meet on a monthly basis, for an hour meeting, and discuss the possibilities and appropriate approaches for reaching a particular vocation.


Nefiks Career Clubs

After we successfully carried out Employment Clubs we organize Nefiks Career Clubs. These operate in different schools in all over Slovenia and we, Nefiks Tutors, guide them and promote Nefiks and the development of competences.


Employment Clubs ‘Služba me ne išče’ 

These are groups of 15 first-job-seekers that are looking for job opportunities with the help of retired staff-cadres. They have meetings on weekly basis, organize events and make career plans. The main goal is to find a job for as many participants as possible.


Employing Tuesdays

Along with young people we look for oportunities for an employment among different organizations – companies, public administration, non-governmental organizations.

Enterprising Fridays

We take young people to visit successful Slovenian companies, where they solve different tasks and meet major staff.


Where to after graduation & Mosaic of success

Workshops on topic of vocational orientation for highschool students.


Round tables & Consultations on youth employment

Nefiks consultations on active topics of recording non-formal education, employment and status of the youth in the society.

Nefiks Tutoring

A group of tutors and volunteers, who promote Nefiks among their peers and help youth with the development of employment literacy.

On-line education for Nefiks Tutors

Education is free of charge and intended for those, who want to know more about Nefiks and to promote it, and as well as for those who would like to intensively cooperate with Nefiks team as regards to projects and other activities.


Web portal

We keep track of all information regarding employment literacy on one place.


Individual consulting on vocational orientation with the help of our experts and staff from succesfull Slovenian companies.

Nefiks Award

The purpose of the recognition – award is to encourage youth to record their knowledge, capabiliites and skills gained with non-formal and occasional learning (seminars, workshops, volunteering, student jobs).


Points of Sale

We have a developed network of selling places in whole Slovenia.


E-magazine for our members and userd of Nefiks with all up-to-date information.


Nefiks publications

We issue publications from the fields of employment literacy, non-formal education and vocational orientation. They are available in Nefiks Library-LINK.


Enterprising Friday

Enterprising Friday is a project aimed at different groups of young people - socially excluded, first job seekers, students ...

111It connects two sides - employers and young people, future key personnel. It allows young people to learn through workshops and events  - they gather information about company work processes, they get to personaly meet leading personnel in companies...

Young people have the unique opportunity to develop social network (also important for social inclusion), which is particularly important for socially excluded young people.



112Young people start career planning and acquire relevant competences through workshops, at the very place they might one day seek a job.

Enterprising Friday is an innovative opportunity to get to know people, who can help them on the path of developing their own career life, skills and social capital.

Our experience shows that young people need such events to help them in finding employment and building social networks, but also in improving their self- esteem and social skils.